Start With Hacker News

As the first step in learning how to use this plugin, we will create an infinite scrolling version of Hacker News.

Firstly, we need to write a template, which is similar to this (ommited unimportant code):


  <!-- Hacker News header -->

<div v-for="(item, $index) in list" :key="$index">
  <!-- Hacker News item loop -->

<infinite-loading @infinite="infiniteHandler"></infinite-loading>

In the template, we put the InfiniteLoading component at the bottom of the news list, and listen for it's infinite event with a method called infiniteHandler.

Then, we write the core logic for the infiniteHandler method:

import axios from 'axios';

const api = '//';

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      page: 1,
      list: [],
  methods: {
    infiniteHandler($state) {
      axios.get(api, {
        params: {
      }).then(({ data }) => {
        if (data.hits.length) {
 += 1;
        } else {

In the script, we use HN Search API and axios to fetch the news data. If the server API returns an array with the news data, we will push it into list, record the current page, and tell this plugin through the $state.loaded method that we got some data. If the server API returns an empty array, we will tell this plugin through $state.complete method that all data has been loaded.

Now, you can get an infinite scroll version of Hacker News, just like the preview on the right.

Last Updated: 1/12/2019, 2:14:23 PM

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